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Introducing 3H Direct, a new food grade lubricant

Introducing a new food grade lubricant, 3H Direct... safe enough for applications where direct contact with food is possible.

Formulated from pure USP White Mineral Oil, Lubriplate 3H Direct is NSF 3H and H1 registered for use as a lubricant or release agent on food processing equipment where direct contact with food is possible.

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Introducing Synxtreme FRH1-46, Factory Mutual Approved Hydraulic Fluid

SYNXTREME FRH1-46 is a Factory Mutual Approved (FM ID# 0003057229), high performance hydraulic fluid FMlogo_blackonwhite.pngdesigned for demanding industrial and food processing applications requiring fire resistance, and excellent anti-wear properties over wide temperature ranges. This product complies with CFR 21, section 178.3570.


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