OEM Info



LUBRIPLATE Lubricants has a dedicated and interactive OEM Department.

When it comes to specifying lubricants, more and more original equipment manufacturers are specifying LUBRIPLATE Lubricants for their machinery.  From chains to air compressors to gear boxes and a lot more, LUBRIPLATE’s OEM Department is here to assist with all of your lubrication needs.OEMdeptLogoMed.jpg

Available from our OEM database are LUBRIPLATE OEM approvals, many other OEM lubricant specifications and specific machinery product application information.

With 143 years of industrial lubrication experience, LUBRIPLATE is the brand you can trust when it comes to specifying lubricants for your machinery.  Along with our dedicated OEM Department, LUBRIPLATE offers a wide range of quality synthetic/long-life and mineral oil- based products, a worldwide distribution network and a complimentary services package to ensure the needs of OEMs, their machinery and their customers are met. LUBRIPLATE’s OEM Department also can assist you in developing special factory-fill lubricants.

Please contact Ellen Girard, LUBRIPLATE’s OEM Marketing Analyst, to discuss all of your lubrication needs.  She can be reached via email at egirard@lubriplate.com.

In addition, if you are an OEM that currently recommends any LUBRIPLATE product(s), please contact Ellen Girard to discuss further.