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Introducing Biobased EP-2

LUBRIPLATE Biobased EP-2 grease is excellent for all slow to medium bearings. It has exceptional high shear stability, excellent water resistance and outstanding load-carrying properties. This product was designed and developed to meet the US EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) requirements.

LUBRIPLATE Biobased EP-2 grease was designed to outperform conventional products in a variety of applications. It has good oxidative stability and a high level of protection against rust and corrosion. It passed the acute toxicity LC 50 adapted by the US fish and wild life service, and the US EPA.


COVID-19 Update

Lubriplate Lubricants Co. is in great shape to continue uninterrupted manufacturing and shipping of its products. Because the food supply at local supermarkets is under great stress which will in turn cause food and beverage processors to increase production, we have prioritized finished goods production of our H1/food grade lubricants.


New Style Aerosol Spray Cans

Introducing Lubriplate's New Style Aerosol Spray Cans with Secure Straw Dual Spray Nozzle

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New Products

Lubriplate has recently announced a number of new products.


The Pure, Safe Approach to Food Grade Lubricants

Food Grade Lubricants have been a part of industrial lubrication since the early 1960s. They were first introduced and used in the United States market. Since their initial development, there have been great high technological advancements with research, development, introduction and use of food grade lubricants.


Introducing 3H Direct, a new food grade lubricant

Introducing a new food grade lubricant, 3H Direct... safe enough for applications where direct contact with food is possible.

Formulated from pure USP White Mineral Oil, Lubriplate 3H Direct is NSF 3H and H1 registered for use as a lubricant or release agent on food processing equipment where direct contact with food is possible.

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OEM Info

LUBRIPLATE Lubricants has a dedicated and interactive OEM Department.


Introducing Clearplex in 4 oz. tube

LUBRIPLATE Clearplex is a Zinc-Free, Aluminum Complex thickened, USP White Oil-based, food grade grease manufactured for use on O-Rings, Gaskets and Assembly Pre-Lube for Food Processing Machinery.


Introducing Synxtreme FRH1-46, Factory Mutual Approved Hydraulic Fluid

SYNXTREME FRH1-46 is a Factory Mutual Approved (FM ID# 0003057229), high performance hydraulic fluid FMlogo_blackonwhite.pngdesigned for demanding industrial and food processing applications requiring fire resistance, and excellent anti-wear properties over wide temperature ranges. This product complies with CFR 21, section 178.3570.


Lubriplate's Color Coding Program

Simplify and improve your plant lubrication maintenance operations.

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Eco-Responsible "Green" Lubricants

Reduce the impact on the environment without sacrificing performance.

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