Introducing Synxtreme FRH1-46, Factory Mutual Approved Hydraulic Fluid



SYNXTREME FRH1-46 is a Factory Mutual Approved (FM ID# 0003057229), high performance hydraulic fluid FMlogo_blackonwhite.pngdesigned for demanding industrial and food processing applications requiring fire resistance, and excellent anti-wear properties over wide temperature ranges. This product complies with CFR 21, section 178.3570.


  • Excellent Anti-Wear Performance – Exceptional load-carrying capabilities and specially formulated to provide effective corrosion protection and anti-wear performance in hydraulic systems. Rated as anti-wear, which means the potential for greater reliability, less downtime, and lower maintenance costs.
  • Fire Resistance – High flash and fire points provide safety in applications calling for fire resistant fluids, thus providing operating confidence and potentially reduced insurance costs. FM approval, using FM test method 6930, has classified HF 46 Hydraulic Fluid as “Approved Industrial Fluids”.
  • Biodegradability – Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301F


  • Other Hydraulic Fluids – It is compatible with hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluids. As with any fluid conversion, recognized industry procedures including system cleanup and flushing should be followed.
  • Elastomers – Suitable for use with many elastomeric materials used in seals and gaskets. Compatible elastomers are: Viton, Kalrez, Silicone, Polysulfide, EPR, Butyl Rubber, Buna N, Fluoraz, EPDM, Natural Black Rubber, Natural Red Rubber and Aflas.
  • Plastics – Compatibility should be assessed for any plastic components (such as reservoir sight glasses) exposed to a hydraulic fluid.
  • Paints – Ester based fluids show some solvency for common oil-based paints but minimal solvency for many epoxy-based paints.


Available in:
5 gallon pails - Part no. L1024-060
55 gallon drums - Part no. L1024-062

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