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Super Chain Oil

High Viscosity, Smokeless Chain Oil

LUBRIPLATE Super Chain Oil is a high viscosity, tenacious type, high flash oil containing micro-fine graphite to provide smokeless lubrication of oven chains and other heavy-duty chain operations throughout a wide temperature operating range.  The high flash point of 550°F (288°C) and the fact that it does not smoke at elevated temperatures makes it ideal as an oven chain lubricant.
LUBRIPLATE Super Chain Oil is recommended for bakery ovens, drying ovens and other type ovens where the temperature does not exceed 450°F.  It is also recommended for all other types of heavy-duty chain operations such as floor chain conveyors, assembly lines, warehouse distribution lines, car washes and similar operations.  LUBRIPLATE Super Chain Oil can be fed through automatic lubricators that can handle a SAE 140 grade lubricant.  It can be brushed on, swabbed and drip fed.

Product Part No. L0857-
Available in gallons, pails, 1/4 drums and drums.
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