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Founded in 1870

The company was founded in 1870 by George Weston and Thomas Fiske under the name of Weston & Fiske.

In 1886, Mr. Weston sold his interests to Frederic Fiske and in 1890, the company was incorporated as Fiske Brothers Refining Co.

In 1937 Robert L. Watts founded the Lubriplate Corporation.  Shortly after, he sold it to Fiske Brothers Refining Co. and joined the company as the first General Manager,  Lubriplate Division.

Today, Fiske Brothers Refining Company, d/b/a LUBRIPLATE Lubricants Company, is the manufacturer of the world famous LUBRIPLATE Brand of industrial, automotive, marine, recreational and household lubricants.

Robert L. Watts

The inventor of


C. 1945


I took an engine apart in 2002, had the block machined, I started putting it back together with the 105, ran out of money an time, had it covered with a trash bag on the engine stand in the unheated barn, had coated all the friction surfaces with 105, here we are 15 years later, was afraid to pull the trash bag off, expecting rusted surfaces, every thing is perfect. Almost done with the reassembly. We live in northern Michigan, amazing product. - Mike