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Chain & Cable Fluid / Chain & Cable Heavy

Petroleum-based Lubricating & Penetrating Oil

LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable Fluid is a lubricating, penetrating and cleansing fluid designed for a multitude of applications. Ideal for wire rope, chains, cables, hinges, springs, slides and other moving metal parts. It protects bright work and the excellent oils loosen rusty nuts and bolts.

LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable-Heavy is designed for medium and large size roller chains, heavy cables, drive chains on concrete mixers as well as other construction equipment and in all areas where an extreme pressure, heavy-duty, tacky, penetrating, lubricating and cleansing film is preferred.
LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable-Heavy has been used very successfully lubricating chains and slides under steamy wet conditions where other lubricants had failed miserably.  Due to its clinging ability, LUBRIPLATE Chain & Cable-Heavy is also recommended for applications where a drip-less oil is required.

Part No. L0135 - Chain & Cable
Part No. L0136 - Chain & Cable Heavy

Available in 7lb jugs, 2lb bottles, 35lb pails, 1/4 drums, full drums & aerosol cans.