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Extreme-Duty, High-Temperature, Synthetic, Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases

These high performance, extreme-duty, multi-purpose, synthetic, calcium sulfonate complex greases provide unsurpassed anti-wear, and extreme pressure protection. They are highly water resistant and work well over a wide range of temperature extremes and other adverse conditions. Superior shear stability and oxidation resistance provide long lasting protection. Available in 3 NLGI grades for a wide range of applications. SYNXTREME HD-2 is NLGI GC-LB certified for wheel bearing and chassis lubrication. SYNXTREME HD-1/220 and HD-2/220 are formulated with a heavier (ISO 220 Grade) base fluid and are recommended for slow to medium speed bearings and other equipment operating under high temperature conditions.

Available in cartridges, pails, 1/4 drums, full drums & Perma Lubricators.

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