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SFL Series Synthetic Food Grade Grease With Lubri-Armour

Multi-Purpose Synthetic, Aluminum Complex, Food Grade Greases.

Formulated with... Food-Grade-Grease-Image
Food Grade Grease ImageThe LUBRIPLATE SFL Series of food grade grease was developed to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on today's food-processing equipment. This synthetic based grease and the aluminum complex soap thickener allows for a wide operating temperature range for all four NLGI consistencies.

This product is perfect for use in freezers and other cold temperature applications as well as in areas subject to both cold and elevated temperatures.

Formulated with LUBRI-ARMOUR, an anti-microbial additive developed to prevent the decomposition of lubricants caused by microorganisms.  LUBRI-ARMOUR is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Reg. No. 86389-1).

*SFL Series food grade greases are available in cartridges, pails, 1/4 drums, drums & Perma Lubricators

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