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Tacky, Adhesive, Aluminum Complex, Food Grade Greases

Formulated with....
LUBRIPLATE Pure Tac is a food grade, NSF H1 registered* grease designed for applications subjected to chemically treated water, heat and steam in food and beverage processing plants and canneries.  Because of its extremely tacky and adhesive characteristics, it is also an excellent open gear grease.  Pure Tac is recommended for all types of medium to slow speed bearings.  Also, because of its outstanding resistance to water washout, Pure Tac is the ideal grease for hydrostatic cooker chains.

LUBRIPLATE Pure Tac Light may be pumped through an automatic greasing system to lubricate bearings and open gears at food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing facilities.  

Both Pure Tac and Pure Tac Light are manufactured with pure USP mineral oil and other additives which are approved by the FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.

Formulated with LUBRI-ARMOUR, an anti-microbial additive developed to prevent the decomposition of lubricants caused by microorganisms.  LUBRI-ARMOUR is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Reg. No. 86389-1).

*PURE TAC & PURE TAC LIGHT are available in cartridges, pails, 1/4 drums & drums. PURE TAC is available in Perma Lubricators

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