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No. 78 Oil and STO-4

Class H2* Food Machinery Oils

LUBRIPLATE No. 78 Oil is a time-tested and approved product designed for use in the Manzel Lubricator for A-B Cookers and Sterilizers and other similar applications involving high humidity conditions whereby the lubricant must provide a lubricating film for bearings, slides, and valves operating in these unfavorable conditions.  Normal operating temperatures involved in these cookers run up to 255°F.  This lubricant will provide excellent lubrication under these constant temperatures and still not load the cans cooking with an oily film.

LUBRIPLATE STO-4 is a special compounded oil recommended for the lubrication of stirrups on bottle filling machines.  LUBRIPLATE STO-4 has excellent emulsifying properties to provide a lubricating film on the metal surfaces even in the presence of excessive moisture.  LUBRIPLATE STO-4 is also compounded with detergent type additives to keep the metal surfaces from building up with undesirable residues.

*USDA H2 lubricants may be used as a lubricant or anti-rust
 agent on equipment in which there is no possibility of the lubricated part contacting the edible product.