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HTCL-FG 220 and HTCL-FG 68

100% Synthetic, Ester-Based, Oven Chain Lubricants

These 100% ester based synthetic fluids are specifically designed for use on oven chains in food manufacturing operations where incidental food contact is a possibility. They are recommended for use on bakery oven chains and other oven chain applications. These include drying oven chains, tenter frame chains, heat-treating chains and paint curing oven chains. The combination of an ashless additive system and the synthetic ester base provide protection against wear, rust, oxidation and corrosion. They eliminate carbon build-up on chains and help maintain a clean lubricated surface. 

HTCL-FG 68 can be fed through micro lube systems, spray systems, mist systems, drip bottle systems and can be hand applied. They do not contain harmful VOC’s which pollute the atmosphere. Superior film strength reduces oil consumption and reduces smoke. High auto ignition temperatures (>700˚F / 371˚C) reduce the risk of oven fires. Advanced ester chemistry reduces friction, wear and energy costs.

*HTCL-FG 220 & HTCL-FG 68 are available in pails and drums.

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