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Special Auto/Marine Grease - cartridge
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Special Auto/Marine Grease - cartridge

Special Auto/Marine Grease - 14.5 oz cartridge
Special Auto/Marine Grease - 14.5 oz cartridge
Product ID: 20698
Manufacturer: Lubriplate
Price: $9.50
LUBRIPLATE Special Auto-Marine Grease is an NLGI 2 polymer type lubricant specifically designed for automotive and marine applications of all types.  This lithium 12-hydroxy stearate grease is extremely shear stable and resistant to both fresh and salt water, making it the ideal lubricant for all marine and automotive needs.
Marine uses include all pressure fitting applications including boat trailer wheel bearings, winch gears, deck machinery, ground tackle and turn-buckles. Automotive applications include chassis, king pins, steering knuckles, bucket pins, ball joints and universal joints.
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