Color Coding Simplify your maintenance  operations with Lubriplate's Color Coding Program

Color Coding/Tag Program


As part of Lubriplate’s ESP Extra Services Package, Lubriplate offers color coded machinery tags for all Lubriplate products at no charge. They help prevent lubricant misapplication and ensure that the proper lubricant is used when servicing a particular piece of equipment. Based on a complete plant survey, tags can be provided for each piece of equipment in your plant. Corresponding color coded tags can also be supplied for your lubricant storage containers along with wall mounted lubricant specification charts. Call 1-800-733-4755 for more information or download brochure.

Improve Maintenance Efficiency With Lubriplate’s Color Coded Lubricant Specification Tags

  • Generates Daily Awareness
  • Prevents Lubricant Misapplication
  • Saves Time Identifying the Correct Lubricant to Use
  • Consolidate and Reduce Lubricant Inventory
  • Color Coded Lube Summary Posters / Application Charts
  • Color Matching Lube Storage Container Signs
  • Color Matching Machine Component Identification Tags